Nouveau Global Impex

We are an Import – Export company of Indian Products like Dry Fruits, Pulses, Food grains, Spices etc.

Company Overview

Nouveau Global Impex is a dynamic import-export company committed to facilitating global trade with seamless efficiency and unparalleled expertise. Established with a vision to bridge geographical boundaries and connect businesses worldwide, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch import and export solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed clients.

Fresh fruits , pulses, food grains, spices coming from the Indian soil are one of the most valuable gifts that nature offers us. Fresh fruits, with their colours, aromas and nutritional values, open the doors to a magical world with their contribution to our health. The fact that the products we produce are fresh and natural allows people to consume foods that can strengthen the immune system. This is an important feature that distinguishes our sector from other sectors.

Our Products

The country’s agricultural sector is diverse, producing various types of grains to meet domestic demand and engage in international trade.

India is renowned worldwide for its diverse range of spices, which are integral to Indian cuisine and highly sought after in international markets.

India plays a significant role in the global trade of pulses, both as an exporter and importer.Pulses are a crucial component of Indian cuisine and agriculture, and the country’s trade in pulses